Whether it’s winter or summer where you are, keeping your little ones occupied can be difficult, to say the least. Luckily, there are a few Haakaa products that can help stave off boredom—including a couple of brand-new ones! Let’s take a look at what we have to offer to help you get through those days when you just need something quick and easy to hand.


Alien Explorers Silicone Bath Toys

This bath set is brand new to Haakaa, and look how absolutely adorable it is! The Alien Explorers Silicone Bath Toys will provide endless entertainment to your little ones, whether in the bath, at the beach or pool, or just playing with on the floor! When splashing in the water, each alien character floats on their own dedicated hovercraft, and even little hands will have no trouble spraying water thanks to the toys’ special valves. And unlike many bath toys, these are made from 100% silicone and can be separated for ultra-easy cleaning and drying. That means no more having to worry about nasty moulds building up inside the toys!


Freeze-N-Sip Ice Cream Mould Set

Another completely new item that’s sure to become a hit is the Freeze-N-Sip Ice Cream Mould Set. This unique set is designed to look just like an ice cream you’d get from the ice cream truck – with the added benefit of being exactly as healthy as you choose to make it. Freeze homemade ice cream, puréed fruit, smoothies – whatever you want as a frozen treat will work, well, a treat! Pop in freshly squeezed juice or mix some chopped fruit with milk for a delicious way to cool down on those hot summer days – or just when you think a healthy dessert is just the thing. And if that’s all the Freeze-N-Sip was, it’d still be an amazing thing to keep in your cupboard. Of course, that isn’t all. The base is designed to catch all those melting drips and includes a straw holder and removable straw, so your little one can easily drink whatever has melted – especially great for the slower eaters among us! The included brush means you can keep that straw in pristine condition, so you’ll get years of use out of this fantastic set.



Those are our two newest products, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others that will prove useful for your family. And it’s not only toys that may be helpful!


Multifunctional Silicone Storage Basket

You might be wondering where to store your new bath toys – and the Multifunctional Silicone Storage Basket is the ideal way to do this. Once you’ve washed and completely dried your little alien friends, pop them into the basket then hang it up in your bathroom to keep them nice, neat, and out of the way! But this, as the name says, is much more than just a basket. Once you no longer need it to store your child’s toys, it can be used as a shopping bag or plant hanger. It can even be collapsed for use as a placemat or a mat to protect your benchtops from hot or cold dishes.


Happii Bear Goody Pouch

When you go out, it’s pretty much a given you’ll need snacks or drinks for your little ones. The Happii Bear Goody Pouch is a convenient, cute way to take out drinks, yoghurts or purées. It comes in two sizes—170ml and 500ml—meaning there’s an option for most children, from the smallest to the biggest appetites. What’s more, the ears on the side of the pouch double as holders for our Silicone Carry Straps, making the pouch even more portable. The cross-cut valve and included silicone straw also combine to ensure most children who are able to hold the pouch can control the flow, letting them get out every last drop. For older, stronger little hands, the straw can be removed so they can roll the pouch from the bottom!


Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Sometimes, when you’re out, you’ll need more than what will fit inside a Happii Bear Goody Pouch, or you’ll need something for older children who need more solid food. In this case, the Stainless Steel Lunchbox & Snack Container Set is the perfect choice! This lunchbox comes in two sizes, again providing an option for families with different needs. There are also two 40ml stainless steel sauce containers with silicone lids and a 150ml round silicone container for other sides or snacks. Being made from stainless steel and silicone, this set is robust, plastic-free, and compact – the containers fit inside the lunchbox, meaning there’s only one item that you have to remember to take with you once it’s all packed!

This is just a tiny glimpse at the range Haakaa has available for older infants and toddlers. Which is your favourite? And which of our other popular Haakaa products would you add to your kit?