There are a few misconceptions out there about the Haakaa Pump – some of them are minor, and some are a bit bigger. Today we’re going to have a look at a few of the more common ones and set the record straight!


Myth 1: The Haakaa Pump Causes Oversupply

While it certainly is possible for a pump to cause oversupply, this comes down to how it is used – and it’s not restricted to the Haakaa. Breastmilk is produced on a supply-and-demand basis – if the demand increases, so does the supply. This means if you express extra milk on top of what you’re feeding your baby, your supply will increase as your body thinks this milk is what your baby is ‘demanding’. For some mums, this is very deliberate; many people who are struggling with low supply will express after or between feeds to try to get that supply up. If you’re already producing a good amount of milk, however, pumping too often can result in the dreaded oversupply – and this is true no matter which pumping method you’re using, from hand expressing to manual pumps to electric. If you’re concerned about the best way to pump without risking oversupply, have a chat with a lactation consultant – they’ll be able to set you up on a plan that’ll work for your circumstances.

Myth 2: The OG Haakaa is Just a Passive Milk Collector

Absolutely not! It very much is an active pump – it’s even right there in the name! That said, you certainly can use it as a passive collector, especially when it’s used in tandem with a pumping bra (such as our Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra). Simply pop the flange through the bra’s layered crossover slit and position it over your nipple without using any suction. This way, it won’t draw out any extra milk but will catch any leakage or let-down while feeding on the other side or getting on with life’s other bits and pieces you need to get done. Even better, it also means you can do all that without having to worry about the pump falling off or bubs kicking it loose. Other than that, however, the Haakaa pump can be used to actively draw out your milk, whether to create a stash or to use when you need to skip a feed.

Myth 3: The Haakaa Pump’s Suction Strength Can’t Be Adjusted:

For all it looks too simple to be able to adjust the suction strength, the Haakaa Pump can, in fact, be adjusted with ease! The only thing that can’t be done is adjusting it while it’s attached. Instead, by varying how much air you squeeze out of the pump before putting it on, you can control just how strong a level of suction you have. Make sure you squeeze from the base to have the greatest control. And if you’ve squeezed it all out, but still feel like you need just that little bit more? Fold the flange back first, squeeze and apply, then fold the flange back into place. It’s also worth remembering, for those who prefer very strong suction, that the Gen. 3, due to its thicker walls, has the strongest suction of all. So, experiment away! When you first get your Haakaa Pump, try out a lower suction level then move up until you find exactly the right level for you! But remember – it should not hurt. If you feel pain, the suction may be a little too strong. Try reducing it again and see how you go.

Myth 4: The Ladybug Milk Collector is a Pump

This one is very much a misconception. While the Ladybug is part of the same Haakaa breastfeeding family, its purpose differs from an active pump like our Gen 1, 2 & 3 pumps. It is instead a milk collector, and it works passively. This means there is minimal to no suction when using the Ladybug – instead, there is just enough to keep it in place while you put your bra back on. It collects milk passively, grabbing those precious drops that are leaking out anyway. It’s a breast pad alternative, so rather than throwing that milk away (what a waste!), you can instead add it to your stash (if you transfer it quickly enough – check out your country’s breastmilk storage guidelines) or use it for other purposes, such as a moisturising bath for your baby. If your breasts are sensitive to even the small amount of suction the Ladybug uses, you can pop the plug out for a zero-suction experience. For this reason, the Ladybug is most suitable for breastfeeding parents who leak enough to need something to catch it and keep it off their clothes – if you don’t have any leakage or a lot of let-down when feeding, the Ladybug is probably not of much use to you. For those who do have to deal with milk leaking frequently, it can be an absolute lifesaver!

Myth 5: Ladybug Sizes Correspond to Breast Size

Another nope! Each Ladybug, just like the Breast Pumps, will fit breasts of a vast range of shapes and sizes. So why are there different-sized Ladybugs if they’re only collecting milk passively? That’s because different mums leak different amounts, and it’s this amount that determines which Ladybug you’ll want to use. The smaller, 40ml version is the best choice if you only leak small amounts. If you leak lots and feel a 40ml would have to be emptied too frequently to be practical, then the 150ml could be just what you’re after. And if you fall somewhere in between or just aren’t sure? The 75ml has you covered!

Myth 6: Haakaa Has No Wearable Pumps

In fairness, this was once true, but it no longer is! The Shell Wearable Pump is the newest addition to the Haakaa Pump family, and it’s a brilliant little device. Able to convert from pump to passive collector due to its super-handy valve, the Shell is perfect for those who wish to pump quietly and discreetly while remaining active without needing a dedicated pumping bra. The suction is slightly less than you’d get from the OG Pumps, but the Shell has the considerable benefit of being hands-free – suction it on at your desired strength, make sure it’s tucked safely into your bra, and you’re away! If the suction falls away, press the back of the Shell (carefully, while keeping an eye on the milk level) so the air is expelled through the valve until it’s back how you like it. If you’ve accidentally put it on a bit stronger than you’d like, give the valve a press to let a little air back in until it’s comfortable once more. Easy!